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The Crow by DemonCherry by The-Murder-of-Crows The Crow by DemonCherry :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 4 0
Angelic Sonata
Sing my angel,
Loud, for me,
For the voice of an angel
None can see
The beauty of silence
In pitch black infinity
Leaping in myriads
Infinity is the key
Sound within silence,
Light within dark,
Impossible beauty
Impossibly stark
Unprecedented, unique,
Exceptional, true;
My beautiful angel sings now
Just for you-
If only you listen,
Listen to him too,
Will you see his voice
Echo his message through to you
Listen to the silence
Grow and surge
Listen to his voice
Kindly urge;
The darkest velvet,
Purest rapture,
Softest words,
Your soul he captures
So sing now, my angel,
Sing once more,
Sing for the souls
Who can’t dream anymore
Give them renewed hope, love
And conviction;
Give them the dreams
That men have lost;
Only then, maybe,
Could we escape our perdition
:iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0
Taylor: Crow III by The-Murder-of-Crows Taylor: Crow III :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 1 0 Taylor: Crow II by The-Murder-of-Crows Taylor: Crow II :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 1 0 Taylor: Crow 1 by The-Murder-of-Crows Taylor: Crow 1 :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 1 0
Dead Rose
Red tinged with black...
The order of decay
Brown once green
Green no more
As wretched as an open sore
The head watches me.
Every shadow, every light,
Every moment I dare to hope…
Even when Fair Morpheus comes to me at night…
The head watches.
Devoid of thought or happiness,
It stares.
An abyss of fears, old and new,
Rush into me,
Stealing away my sanity
Staring the emblem of death down
And night.
By its shadow, I may mark the passing of the hours;
Why else would I have kept the damned flower?
For if the crest of love may die,
Why not love itself?  
To remind me of
Love long lost,
A mere replica…
And love holding fast,
But possibly slipping…
Tears fall fast when you’re panicked,
A truth from long-ago.
A brackish poison tears may be,
If shed for the wrong reason…
Seven seasons
And I have yet to accept
That he will be there when I wake up.
Dreams that crumble have no place in my world
So I long to rip the dead rose down.
Instead, I let it
:iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0
the murders ID by The-Murder-of-Crows the murders ID :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 7 0 Medievel Crow by The-Murder-of-Crows Medievel Crow :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0 Pain inside.... by The-Murder-of-Crows Pain inside.... :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0 Bruce Lee as The Crow by The-Murder-of-Crows Bruce Lee as The Crow :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0 Crow eye by The-Murder-of-Crows Crow eye :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 1 0 Crow 2 by The-Murder-of-Crows Crow 2 :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0 The Crow_Morbid eyes by The-Murder-of-Crows The Crow_Morbid eyes :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0 Dark crow by The-Murder-of-Crows Dark crow :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 2 0 Female crow 2 by The-Murder-of-Crows Female crow 2 :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 2 0 Water colour crow by The-Murder-of-Crows Water colour crow :iconthe-murder-of-crows:The-Murder-of-Crows 0 0

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victims aren't we all?
United Kingdom
:blackrose:THE IMMORTALS:blackrose:
:iconpsychoslaughterman: :icondarkdoki:

Welcome to the beautiful and dark world of The Crow, this club has been formed to celebrate the life and death of all things Crow, the movies, the graphic novels and the music.

"People once believed that when a person dies,
a crow carries thier soul to the land of the dead,
but sometimes something so bad happens...
a terrible sadness is carried with it,
and the soul can't rest,
then sometimes, just sometimes'

the crow can bring that soul back,
to put the wrong things right."

True love is forever

Hello sorry that the club has not been so active of late, i have been very busy with my work and other clubs, i shall upload and submit asap, Please still submitting and spreading the word on the blood club, once again Apologies

:icondrxtreme: created the current avatar

:blackrose:HOW TO JOIN:blackrose:

send a note titled "Love"add our avatar to your journal and watch the club


send a note titled "sacrifice", with a link to your picture along with the catagory you want it to be submitted to, for example Photomanipulation>Dark

:tombstone:THE MEMBERS OF THE MURDER:tombstone:

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to affiliate send a note titled "affiliate",watch th club and add our icon to your journal

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